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About Me

  1. cinematographer

    jeremy howard

    Growing up in Cheyenne, Wyoming (and later Tallahassee, Florida), I would always find ways to be artistic. I sketched photos-all while listening to smooth jazz or gospel music. It wasn’t until 2011, that my admiration for photography grew as I was mentored by Marcus Ezell. Now, I’m passionate about showcasing the best of weddings, cinematography, beauty, fashion and more. As you work with me, you’ll see that I have a desire to bring out the best in your vision. When I’m not hard at work being your photographer or videographer, I’m being a son, a friend, and serving at my local church.

  2. Derek Blanks

    For me, it’s more than just another photo or event. It’s an art. My customer promise is to always provide you with great service and quality product that you can cherish for generations. I will always “Capture your best moments – One frame at a time.”

  3. I have currently expanded my horizons and have transitioned my business from Florida to Dallas, Texas. Thus far it has been one of the best decisions I’ve made to scale my business and connect with other high-end professionals.